Fil Ieropoulos


Research interests: 20th c. avant-gardes // Anti-art // Avant-pop hybrids // Camp, kitsch, trash // Childishness, cosplay // DIY, post-punk & messthetics // Deconstruction // Fluxus and dada // Happenings and audience participation // Interdisciplinarity and intersectionality // Meta- strategies and self-reflexivity // Overidentification & subversive affirmation // Queer politics // Scientific ‘common-sense’, conspiracy, truths // Toxic (phil)hellenism

Every Element in a Film Narrates’: The Complex Language of Heterogeneity in Idées Fixes / Dies Irae as a (Feminist) Critique to the Practice of Methodological Categorisation in Avant-garde Film History
ReFocus: The Films of Antoinetta Angelidi. Edinburgh University Press, Dec 2022

50 Important Works of Experimental Queer Cinema and Video
Athinorama Magazine, Jun 2022

Q*inoGlaz: Manifesto for a Queer Pervert’s (No)Futurist Cinematic Reality
24th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival Post-Reality Special Edition, Feb 2022

The Garden of Dystopian Pleasures
Studies in Theatre and Performance Journal, Volume 41, Sep 2021

About the exhibition 200 Years of Suffocation (as FYTA)
Documento Newspaper, Mar 2021

How to combat internalised patriarchy or How to dispose of human waste in social movements
Self-published zine, Jun 2020

The Political Drag of Zackie Oh

Feministiqa Journal, Vol. 2, Aug 2019

Instead of an Epilogue
On clarity between velocity and duration – Chondros & Katsiani Special Edition, Apr 2019

Spoken Word in the Greek Music Context Website, Jan 2019

The Political Side of Contemporary Greek Drag
Lifo Magazine, Dec 2018

Queer in Greek Institutional Contexts (and its discomfort)

Skra-Punk Website, Dec 2018

Dear Zak, dear Zackie, we went to your funeral yesterday (open letter to Zak Kostopoulos)
Lifo Magazine, Sep 2018

The Black Book of FYTA
Nefeli Publishing, Athens, Oct 2017, ISBN 978-960-504-199-1

Queer Forgetting vs Macho Remembering: for a New Aesthetic
Void Network Blog, Mar 2017

Reworked for Skra-Punk Website, Nov 2018

Film Poetry: A Historical Analysis
Article on Film Poetry Live Blog, Sep 2016

Wir Bauen Eine Stadt – Interview with Holger Hiller Website, Jun 2013

Mathematics for Modernists – Interview with Claude Arto Website, May 2013

When Post-punk met Dada Website, Apr 2013


A series of 6 monthly articles for gay freepress Fagazine, 2012 Issue #1Issue #2Issue #3Issue #4Issue #5Issue #6

The Film Poem (PhD)

University of Kent / University of the Creative Arts, Sep 2010

Poetry-Film & The Film Poem: Some Clarifications

Saint Martins British Artists’ Film & Video Study Collection website, Oct 2010

The importance of Antoinetta Angelidi’s and Rea Wallden’s work for queer history

Greek Film Archive, May 2023

What is Queer Performance?

Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Jun 2019

Kristeva, Derrida, Fluxus and Performance as Butt-Art

Athens School of Fine Arts, Apr 2019

About Queer and Macho Greek Humour

Gender and Pop Culture event by SKRA-punk at Panteion University, Mar 2019

The Political Drag of Zackie Oh

Presentation of a book on Zak/Zackie Oh, Onassis Cultural Centre, Jun 2019

Poetics of Text-Film

QueerInkLab, AMOQA, Athens, May 2017

Conceptual Songwriting & Object-oriented Synthesis [as FYTA]
Embodied Methodologies Conference, Royal Holloway, London, Nov 2016


Repetition/s: Performance and Philosophy Conference, University of Ljubljana, Sep 2016

Pokemon Poetry: Transhuman/transmedia/transcultural/translative [as FYTA]

Technology & Transformations Conference, Bucks New University, High Wycombe, Oct 2016

Towards Queer Sound Form

Panel, Sound Acts, Athens, Apr 2016

Bodies/Sounds/Instruments: Lab and Discussion on Gender, Sounds and Acts

Panel, ASFA BBQ, Athens, Jun 2016

FYTA Methodologies

Performative lecture, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Oct 2015

Fytini: An attempt Towards the Queerification of Greek Music (as FYTA)

Sound Gender Feminism Activism Conference, London College of Cummunication, Oct 2014

DIY Messthetics: Avant-garde Influences on Pop Music

CAMP Art Space, Athens, Apr 2014

Parallelism & Montage

Poesiefruhling Festival, Oberstufenzentrum communications, information and media technology, Berlin, Mar 2012

The Politics of Poetics

Cinema Speaking Conference, Hellenic Film Academy, Athens, Sep 2010

Approaches to Montage and the Poetics of Cinema

AWEN – Poetry Film Festival, University of Glamorgan, Jun 2009


to Shawn Cotter, Wicked Queer Boston LGBTQ Film Festival, Youtube, Apr 2022

Greece’s First Queer Opera Pays Homage to Deceased LGBTQ Activist

to Sarah Hucal, Deutsche Welle, Jan 2022

FYTA Still Believe in the Wake up Calls of Art
to Manolis Kranakis, Flix Website, Jan 2022

Interview with FYTA

to Dana Papachristou, und.Athens Website, Oct 2021

ORFEAS2021 is a Post-Structuralist Experiment of Political Discourse with the Audience
to Efi Athanasodimitropoulou, CultureNow Website, Oct 2021

200 Years of Suffocation: a Subversive Exhibition About (anti-)Greekness, Post-truth & Queer Experience

to Christiana Baxevani, Popaganda Website, Mar 2021

The Multiplicity of Sexuality is Written on Cultural Contexts that are Far from the ‘Now’ and ‘Today’
to Christina Koutroulou, Avopolis Website, Mar 2020

Opera is a Camp Thing by Default
to Vasilis Thanopoulos, Antivirus Magazine, Feb 2020

FYTA, What Are You Doing with Orpheus and the Graves of National Heroes?
to Despina Zefkili, Athinorama Magazine, Feb 2020

FYTA Bring the First Queer Opera to the Alternative Stage of the GNO
to M. Hulot, Lifo Magazine, Feb 2020

About the Athens Festival of Queer Performance
to Chrysa Lykou, Provocateur Website, Oct 2019

I’m Personally Not Interested in All Types of Queer
to Vasilis Thanopoulos, Antivirus Magazine, Sep 2019

Is Lena Platonos Queer? Are you Kidding? Not at All
to Thodoris Antonopoulos, Lifo Magazine, Dec 2018

Yorgos Marinos Was a Proto-Queer Hero
to Antonis Boskoitis, Pandora’s Box Website, Nov 2018

Why Should Someone Do a Festival on Post-Truth? FYTA Respond
to Themistoklis Pantazakos, Skra-punk Website, Sep 2017

Enter the Camp World of Glam Slam!
to Yannis Nenes, Athens Voice Magazine, May 2018

Glam Slam is Here and it is Queer!
to Maria Mazi, Antivirus Magazine, Jun 2018

The Art of Now: Greek Revival
to Alastair Sooke, BBC4 Radio, Feb 2018

Athens is the New Berlin; Documenta’s Counterfeit Bohemia
to Audrey Schmidt, Minority Report Blog, Feb 2018

How Was and Is the Queer Scene from Within?
to Aggelos Kladis, Athinorama Magazine, Feb 2018

More Sex, Less Judith Butler for Queers
to Despina Zefkili, Athinorama Magazine, Oct 2017

FYTA at Atopos CVC
to Ioanna Mamai, Ozon Magazine, Oct 2017

Sound Acts, One of the Best Things in Athens
to Melpomeni Maragkidou, Vice Magazine, May 2017

We Become Barbarians Ourselves
to Ioanna Kleftogianni, Popaganda Website, Apr 2017

Achtung, die Deutschen kommen (Visual Story on documenta14)
to Maria Feck and Rosa Thoneick, Der Spiegel, Apr 2017

FYTA: The Athenians
to M. Hulot, Lifo Magazine, Apr 2017

Kritischer Vorabend zur documenta
to Claus Ambrosius, Rhein Zeitung, Apr 2017

The Lives of Others
to Yorgos Tsitiridis, Parallaxi Magazine, Oct 2015

Songs for Gay Bears
to M. Hulot, Lifo Magazine, Aug 2015

The Story of Technoviking
to Matthias Fritsch, Feature Film, Jan 2015

About Pokemon Poetry
to Aris Dimokidis, Lifo Magazine, Aug 2014

The Land of Never Never: FYTA, Fytini and Friends
to J. Outopie, Radiobubble Radio Show, Mar 2014

FYTA Blow Biennale up
to Meropi Kokkinis & Fotis Valatos, Popaganda Website, Oct 2013